Sunday, 20 December 2015

Business ISDN30 and its advantage of small and medium businesses

It isn’t difficult to find a VoIP service plan as there are many plans but business ISDN30 is the best plan for small and medium size organizations. Its line rental is only £12.99 and it brings lots of freebies for the user.

One business line opens eight channels of communication and also the user gets up to 30 DDIs. If the user makes up to 4000 outgoing calls, he will be charged approximately £170. The user can open more channels to accommodate his communication needs. Business ISDN30 line can open up to 50 channels sufficient for 50 users. 50 phone lines can easily make more than 5000 calls but the monthly bill won’t increase more than £250.

 Compare your present phone expenditure with the phone bill post switching to VoIP service to know how much you can save with VoIP phone. You will find that your savings are more than 70% and also there will be no hassle or difficulty in making or receiving calls. With business ISDN30, you will be able to stay connected to your business partners and customers in a hassle free manner.

With VoIP phone, you can save lots of money and also fulfill your communication needs. VoIP is the need of the day and this is evident from the services it has. It is an opportunity to make free calls and save more. Also it is an opportunity to use telephone as a business tool. But you should choose business ISDN30 only as this plan is designed by keeping needs of small businesses in mine.

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